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A Tip for Growing your Healing Community

Aside from the healing prayer workshop that we will introduce after we “get the kinks out,” there are other simple ways to get folks involved in healing ministry. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a little advertising.

Commit to doing a training of some kind – whether it’s the 26 Miracle Study or one of the CHM classes, or any number of multi-week training events. Then advertise it on Facebook by creating an event and boosting it with just a few dollars. Carefully select the demographic area that you want to reach, and you’ll be surprised who will respond!

There are people right now in your area who are hungry to learn more about healing ministry, and they don’t know where

to go to get involved. When they see your ad on their Facebook feed, they'll be encouraged! Your community doesn’t have to just consist of people in your parish. We learn so much from folks of other denominations, and this strengthens the Body of Christ.

If you’d like help with creating a Facebook ad, just let me know. I’d be glad to help you.

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