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Are You Connected ... to the OSL Home Office?

Are you receiving emails from the OSL Home Office? If you aren’t, it may be because your membership has lapsed or your contact information has changed.

Contact Lynne Love at to make sure you’re still on the email list! So many things are happening, you don’t want to miss out on a thing!

The Home Office also needs to know about your healing community. They try to keep the website updated so that people who are searching for a healing community can find one near them. Please go to the website and search for your zip code under “find healing” and see what comes up. If there’s not a way to contact someone in your community (even if your community is not very active right now due to Covid), then please contact Lynn or Jamie at the home office to update that information. Or if you’re in my region, please let me know, and I’ll do it for you!

When you go there, you’ll also see that there’s a place to search for Virtual Communities. If you are a convener of a virtual community, please make sure the home office knows about it so they can post it on the website. Also… if you’re in search of an online community…. Well, now you know where to find one!

While many groups have met virtually out of necessity due to Covid, the online communities have also grown tremendously because people in disparate parts of the world WANT to come together with others to study and minister healing! I’ve heard from many folks who say that when they moved to another state, they lost contact with OSL…. That needn’t be the case! There is no reason to feel alone or try to “go it alone.” We are meant for community.

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