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Back Where You Started

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

For OSL Members, the 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus course is where it all began. The Lord called you to healing ministry, and you answered by learning from the Master.

You know how every time you read scripture, the Lord speaks to you in a different way? That's how it is with the 26 Healing Miracles Course. Every time I have gone through the course with a group of other people who were called to healing ministry, I go deeper with the Lord. He sheds new light on things. And I develop relationships with God's people because we form a community. This is what "doing church" together is!

And that's why I highly recommend getting back to your foundation. Join an online 26 Healing Miracles course. Amazing things are happening in these groups. You never know how God is going to show up.

Just go online and register to be placed in a group or to get on the list for a newly-forming group: Registration - "The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus: The Foundational Study of OSL"

Don't forget to tell your friends about these online courses!


FYI, A new study will be starting Tues Jan 11, 2022 at 7 pm Eastern Time on ZOOM, hosted by the Charleston, SC OSL Community. There will be time in each of the nine sessions for prayer exercises related to each week’s topic and/or to pray for one another using the techniques learned.

Before the end of the course, a Morning of Soaking and Healing Prayer sponsored by OSL Charleston will be held so that the new graduates can use the skills they have acquired in a supervised setting.

The course offered at no charge but a 1 yr membership to OSL of $45 per person or $55 per couple is required to obtain the study guide as well as other materials produced by OSL.

Membership and materials can be obtained from the OSL website (

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