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Building One Another Up

As you know, the leadership at OSL has been hard at work the past few years creating and providing online classes so more people can learn about the healing miracles of Jesus and his disciples, and building an online healing center so that OSL members can minister healing in various ways via the web to people all over the world.

But you may not know about many of the things happening in the background:

The membership committee meets regularly to discuss membership issues like how to provide a smoother experience for people who want to learn more about healing, how to engage more people in reaching out to members who have fallen off the rolls but may still want to be involved, etc.

A committee has also been formed to be responsible for putting on North American conferences, in order to lift some of the burden off of local groups who agree to host the conference.

The theology committee is re-writing the OSL Rule of Life and examining all the aspects of OSL to ensure that activities, ministries, and teachings are theologically sound, and to help members and communities remain true to the OSL mission, values, and Biblical roots.

The Systems committee is implementing a new (free to OSL) software that will aid us all in keeping in touch and staying informed.

Another committee is looking into creative ways to raise funds for OSL, as membership dues alone cannot sustain the organization.

The Rev. Sarah Bronos is creating guidelines for another group that is forming to help guide and mentor new OSL communities. This group will be a helpful ongoing resource for new OSL groups. If you have been wanting to be a member of a community, but have felt uneasy about being a convener and starting one yourself, have no fear! OSL is here to help.

More and more, OSL members are stepping forward to help OSL grow in ways it never has before… not just in numbers, but in the spiritual growth of individual members and communities. We are the body of Christ, with many and varied gifts. Pray about how your gifts might contribute to this body who ministers healing to the world. If there is something you feel you could contribute, please reach out to your regional director.

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