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God Shows Up in Colorado Springs (of course!)

I want to recognize my dear sister in Christ, Judy Rogers, who has stepped down as convener of the Pike’s Peak Healing Community in Colorado Springs. Judy has served the OSL and her community there for a long time, and I want to thank her for everything she has done!

As God would have it, around the time that Judy was getting ready to step down with no one to take her place, someone contacted me out of the blue asking about OSL in Colorado Springs! How crazy is that?! Pamela Partrick and a small group of friends had decided to become discerning members and wanted to join a community. So what they are doing is basically “reviving” a community. Judy will be continuing to meet with them as they study to become members, but they will take the responsibility of keeping the community going… meeting virtually at first, and then meeting in person as they are able.

Passing the baton is an important community activity. Please don't burn out your conveners! Is God calling you to step forward and help out with your OSL community? The purpose of community is to build one another up, so be willing to be built up! We are disciples, learning from the master… together! Don’t be afraid to be the one who facilitates a community when no one else will step forward.

Never give up hope! If you have lost your convener or your chaplain, or you are a convener who lost your group…. God hasn’t given up on you! Continue to ask Him to lead you to others to be in community with. And now with so many virtual communities available, there’s no reason to feel alone.

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