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Growing Your OSL Community

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

by OSL Board President Fr. Paul Fieder

A Strategy for Growing OSL Using Organizational Growth Principles

1. Jesus attracted people by sincerely loving them, meeting their needs, healing them and teaching them in interesting and practical ways. He had a mission and a strategy.

2. An organization grows by its members ability to hear people’s felt needs and meet those needs. Most people need inner healing and spiritual healing.

3. As we take time to experience God’s personal Love for us and nurture that love connection, our love for other grows. When we love others with God’s Love, they experience healing on some level.

4. When marketing gatherings, imagine being the guest. Use language that all people can understand. Use the “Who We Are-OSL” sheet to start conversation and make invitations. Smile.

5. We only get one chance to make a first impression for Jesus. Create vibrant, spirit-filled, energizing gatherings using music, scripture, testimonies, quiet time and healing prayer to envelop guests in the awesome presence of God. Welcome the guests.

6. People are attracted to a group through events in which they can learn about and experience Jesus’ healing presence (such as an OSL Conference, The 26 Miracles Course, A Healing Day, CHM video series, A Healing Season, The Spiritual Enrichment Seminars). They remain because of the way their needs are met by the members.

7. 90% of people come to an event or gathering through someone they know who invites them. Building relationships with people is a huge part of healing ministry. Widen your network of relationships and then make an invitation to a specific event and a specific time. Let them know you will meet them at the door.

8. 90% of people who first visit a group event are looking for friends and relationships. Deep down they are seeking a personal relationship with God. Our ultimate goal is to invite people into an eternal love relationship with the Father as Jesus did.

9. If a guest is contacted by a member within 36 hours of their initial visit, 85% will return. Getting needed contact information at a healing event is very important.

10. Members who stay passionate about Jesus through prayer, worship, study, ministry, and self-care are contagious for Jesus. They attract new members.

11. Changed lives are the organization's greatest advertisement. Our mission is to “empower God’s people with Jesus’ healing ministry” so that more people can experience the awesome beauty of living the fullness of life found in a love relationship with God.

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