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He Knows Exactly What We Need

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The enemy has been trying really hard to keep me out of church. One Saturday night I didn’t get much sleep. I’d been having a worrisome symptom for a while that I assumed was just old age creeping up on me, until suddenly it came into my mind in the middle of the night that it was the same symptom I had the last two times cancer had metastasized in my body over 15 years ago. The thought seemed to come out of nowhere, invading my peace.

I remember telling myself as I tossed and turned, “Just skip church tomorrow. You need some rest.” Thankfully, the next morning I told myself otherwise, knowing that losing myself in worship outweighs listening to myself during a fitful night of fear.

You probably know the rest of the story. God spoke to me during the very first worship song, and continued to speak to me through every part of the service, including the children’s sermon😊. He let me know that he heard me, and that giving my sorrows and fears over to him is the best and only answer to my troubles. The gift of tears rolled down my cheeks as I worshiped Him, cleansing every fearful thought.

Then again recently, I was allowing myself to get stressed out about things I had on my plate. I told myself that I should just skip church the next day because I needed to get some things done. I was out on the deck with my coffee, looking over my to-do list when I got a text: “Can you read the Old Testament lesson today?”

Yes, Lord. Yes, I can.

I know that YOU don’t need ME

to worship You.

But You, Father, ...

You know

that worshipping You

is exactly what I need.

Help me to hear your voice above the din of the enemy's lies and my own fear.

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