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Healthy Relating: A Message from OSL Board President, Paul Feider

Dear Regional Directors, Conveners, Chaplains, Members, and Board,

We have great news. These past months we have experienced a significant increase in new members and a large number of people returning to OSL who had gone away. Thank you to all who are giving extra effort to empower more of God’s people with Jesus’ healing ministry. We are doing what Jesus has called us to do.

We are grateful for such compassionate and hard-working Staff and Board Members! From Left: Paul Feider, OSL Board President; Jamie Henry, Editor of Sharing Magazine and Social Media Manager; Lynne Love, OSL Marketing & Office Manager; and Josh Acton, North American Director

With this new growth come some new challenges. We have a small but mighty support staff in Lynne Love (OSL Marketing & Office Manager) and Jamie Henry (Editor of Sharing Magazine & Social Media Manager). Their contact information is in Sharing Magazine. They have worked overtime this past year to rebrand all OSL documents; clean out the office and develop the new web site in addition to their daily duties. Now with more new members, working out the bugs on the new website and increase requests for new member packets and conference material they are still very busy. Both of them are part-time.

Out of respect for them, I ask you to be considerate with requests. We are all on the same team. If they do not answer the phone immediately, leave a message and they will return your call. If you need material, give them plenty of lead time to get it out. If they request information or articles, send these in a timely manner. Procrastination causes undo stress. Part of our healing ministry is engaging in a healthy way of relating. Caring for each other is what Jesus has asked of us.

It is a joy to have the challenges of new growth. We are living the mission. It means we all work a bit harder but the fruits are worth it. This new spirit and revived energy is attracting more guests to our Healing Communities. It gives us an opportunity to offer encouragement, affirmation, gratitude and respect to those who are looking for love and acceptance. As we receive inner healing, we relate to others in a healthier and more life-giving way. We offer life to others by sharing what Jesus is doing in us.

Thank you, again, for all you do to proclaim by word and action Jesus’ healing power.



Rev. Paul Feider

President of the Board

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