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Love For the Least

One of the sessions I attended at the ACTheals conference was led by missionaries Jerry and Stacy K. These folks have traveled the world, ministered in dangerous places, and brought thousands of people to Christ by demonstrating the Kingdom through healing. Oh, the stories they can tell! I wish I could convey everything they shared with us.

photo by Carol Guzy on behalf of L4L

Suffice to say that when you know you can be arrested and sent to jail for three years for proselytizing, but you set up a tent across the street from a police station and invite the sickest people in the country to sit --- or lie--- on the front row, and the power of Christ in you heals hundreds right before the eyes of the police officers you invited, even when your translator and all the helpers you trained don’t show up to help you… you know you are walking in God’s glory.

I don’t tell you about these folks to put them on a pedestal, and I don’t want you to think that only “special” people can do this. This is an ordinary married couple from New Braunfels, TX who simply read the Bible… and realized that healing the sick is what Jesus told us to do. So the did it.

Stacy started praying for people in their church, and guess what? They were healed! So they went to Jacksonville to get training from CHM, and now they travel the world, and they’ve seen an explosion of faith in Jesus Christ among Muslims, Hindus, and others. We’re not talking about “addition;” we’re talking about MULTIPLICATION! This is what happens when we simply obey and walk out our faith. He multiplies the outcome, and in doing so, multiplies our own faith so that we can do even more for his Kingdom.

People who see God work through power are people who are simply obedient to walk out their faith. One step at a time, as we do what Jesus tells us, our obedience manifests the glory of God. All you have to do … is DO IT.

Stacy says “Our primary goal is to love and obey Jesus and bring Him glory. His glory is what keeps us going!!!” I invite you to pray for Stacy and Jerry. Show them your support. Visit their website and sign up for their newsletter so you’ll know what to pray for.

In their teaching session at the ACTheals conference, they taught the basic Five-Step Healing Model introduced by John Wimber, and used by healing ministers everywhere. You can download a short e-book about this on our resources page (item #11 in Downloadable Documents).

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