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Networking Works!

I am a spiritual butterfly. Because I'm a musician, and because I am interested in lots of different ministries, and because I've found myself a member of various Christian denominations in my life, I have had the unique opportunity to hang out with different groups of people in Christ's beautiful church.

It's not that I'm an extrovert. Quite the opposite! But if I find out about an event at another church or denomination that sounds interesting, I go. And it's amazing how God puts people in my path who lead me to a new and wonderful part of the Kingdom.

Last month I attended a women's retreat at a church I'm not a member of and saw an OSL member there, who introduced me to someone who is interested in healing ministry. That one little introduction has blessed me so much! She's interested in joining OSL, so I connected her to former conveners who are trying to start a healing community again. AND it turns out we have other connections that are healing-ministry related. My sphere has now enlarged.

And also last month, I met a few people involved in a prayer network in my own diocese that I had no idea even existed. I recently joined them in a prayer time that was so glorious! And in doing so, I connected with another OSL member who wasn't on my email list.

God keeps putting us in one another's paths so that we can form COMMUNITY... so that we can stand in agreement together with HIM and one another and pray for his will. God is weaving us together.

There was a time when I felt so thirsty to connect with others in healing and prayer ministry, and didn't know how to find them. I felt isolated, like dried up bones in the desert. It turns out that if I just SHOW UP somewhere to serve God and EXPECT his refreshment, HE lets me know what my divine appointment is. He is ALWAYS at work!

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