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OSL: Community & Discipleship

“Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it.

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” —Matthew 11:29 (The Message)

When I think of the Order of St. Luke, the first things that come to mind are Community and Discipleship. By joining an OSL Healing Community, we provide and have access to the kind of discipleship that was practiced by the apostles and the early church. In the midst of our community, we learn how to do what Jesus did.

This is an intentional walk by each individual, together with the entire Body, toward wholeness… so that we will not only “have life,” but have it in abundance. Countless times in this ministry, we see those who have been ministered to become ministers of healing themselves! THIS is how grace works! It is a beautiful example of what Martin Smith calls God's “inexhaustible newness.”

Becoming a part of a community has its trials, just as being a part of any family can be trying. We are humans living in a fallen world with all of its stressors. But community in Christ is WORTH it! Let us seek to understand one another and work together to walk out our calling.

How can we ensure that our communities continue to thrive? Continue to disciple one another! Every new person who has an interest in healing ministry is HUNGRY to learn more. Offer training that will help them grow, and never forsake the responsibilities of living in Christian community. Continue to LISTEN – LOVE – PRAY.

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