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OSL Online Studies

Since OSL began offering online studies in the late summer of 2020, we have seen over 300 people participate in the Foundational Study: The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus! People have received healing, they have received a new infilling of the Holy Spirit, they have delved deeply into the ways Jesus healed, and have been equipped through study, discussion, and prayer practicums to offer prayer for healing at anytime and anywhere through the power of the Spirit. Initially we saw individuals signing up for these classes, but more recently we have seen entire new communities signing up, often with their clergy, to take the study together, and then continue to meet in person after the study is completed. We now have an online Next Steps Study that is a follow up to the online Foundational Study. We have already completed two test study groups and with many testimonies to the depth and value of this study it is now being made available for anyone who has taken the Foundational Study. See below for more details.

FOUNDATIONAL STUDY: The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus 3rd Quarter Online studiesTo participate in these online studies one must first have registered for membership in OSL (either online or by phone: Once a member of OSL please follow this link to register for one of the online Foundational Studies:

JUNE 30, 2022 through OCTOBER 13, 2022

June Start: Weekly on Thursdays, beginning June 30, 2022 and meeting through Oct 13, 2022 from 6-8pm ET; 5-7pm CT; 4-6pm MT; 3-5pm PT (no meeting Aug 11 and Aug 18).

The Rev. Ron Barkhouse, facilitator Every day I encounter people in bondage with illnesses, diseases, infirmities, anxieties and more and what moves me in my spirit is that many don’t realize that Jesus can free them and heal them. It is such an awesome privilege to pray for people in the power of Jesus name and see them receive freedom. As your host I am excited to journey with you learning t how Jesus ministered healing, deliverance and proclaimed the kingdom of God to all people with love and compassion. I will endeavor to make the classes inviting and engaging as we learn to do what Jesus did and so live out this promise from John 14:12b “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.” I hope that after this course we all will have the confidence and boldness in Holy Spirit to do just that.

JULY 9 through DECEMBER 10, 2022

Bi-monthly (meets every other week) on Saturdays, beginning July 9, 2022 and meeting through Dec 10, 2022 from 9:30 am-noon ET; 8:30 am-11am CT; 7:30-10 am MT; 6:30-9 am PT.

Bill Buechner, Teacher OSL we know that the depth and strength of our healing ministry is a direct reflection of our relationship with our Lord Jesus. The objective of this course for each person to answer the question: How will you allow God to change you into the healing minister he wants you to be? The course meets two Saturdays per month for 6 months, with an emphasis on group discussion, practicum and building community within the group. Expect to learn much, laugh much, and love much as we see God transforming ourselves and others along the way!

AUGUST 15 through NOVEMBER 14, 2022

Weekly on Mondays, beginning Aug 15, 2022 and meeting through Nov 14, 2022 from 7-9 pm ET; 6-8 pm CT; 5-7 pm MT; 4-6 pm PT via Zoom.

The Rev. Kathleen Adams, Teacher This class is a joy to lead! I have met so many wonderful people desiring to become Healing Prayer Ministers. We are not teaching a methodology for healing prayer. Rather it is in seeing how Jesus healed that we learn how to pray for healing. We meet for 2 hours weekly for 14 weeks and delve into two lessons each week. In this three-month course, participants discern if they are called to healing prayer ministry. My classes are structured around discussions which are based upon participants’ observations from the passages. As we read each one, I especially enjoy hearing what they discover. The lessons are arranged thematically and supplemented with maps and other documents to enhance our study. Our prayer practicum time is integral to learning how to pray for one another. I appreciate that the curriculum is centered upon the healing accounts of Jesus which guide us in learning how to pray for healing as Jesus did. (Since this study is designed thematically the study guide for each week and supplementary resources are emailed prior to each class so that participants have a complete resource packet at the end of the study.)

SEPTEMBER 6 through NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Weekly on Tuesdays, beginning Sept 6, 2022 and meeting through Nov 1, 2022 from 7-9 pm ET; 6-8 pm CT; 5-7 pm MT; 4-6 pm PT via Zoom.Team taught by OSL Charleston, Coordinator Dr. Mike Sabback This Bible study is especially suited for beginning and advanced prayer ministers, healthcare workers, prayer warriors and others who want to deepen their ministry of healing, deliverance, and intercession. In each session of this nine-week course we will examine how Jesus healed and drove out demons using three of the 26 healing accounts in the Gospels as the basis for our study. We will also present a topic related to the healing ministry for discussion and further elucidation. There will be time in each session for prayer exercises related to each week’s topic and/or to pray for one another using the techniques that we have learned. After the course is completed, a Morning of Soaking and Healing Prayer will be held so that the new graduates can use the skills they have acquired in a supervised setting.

Next Steps: A Study of Healing in the Acts of the Apostles

The online Foundational Study focuses on Jesus as our model for Christian healing prayer. The Next Steps study builds on that foundation by inviting participants to explore the healing ministry of the Apostles (as found in the Book of Acts) who exemplify vibrant faith lived out in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, as well as exploring 15 various avenues of healings presented by guest speakers such as: Josh Acton on Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Sharon Lewis on Inner Healing, Bishop Ron Kuykendall on the Orphan Spirit, John Rice on Blessing Prayer, Nigel Mumford on Trauma and PTS, and others. The course is 16 weeks during which time participants will experience praying for and being prayed for in the various areas presented. There is no one study resource for this study. The primary resource is the pertinent Scripture passages with questions to prompt group discussion, these and other supplementary resources are emailed to participants prior to each session so that at the end of the study participants will have a complete resource packet. Fall 2022 Class: Weekly on Wednesdays, beginning Aug 24, 2022 and meeting through Dec 28, 2022 from 7-9 pm ET; 6-8 pm CT; 5-7 pm MT; 4-6 pm PT via Zoom. (No meeting on Oct 19 for the North American OSL Conference. No meeting on Nov 23 for Thanksgiving. No meeting on Dec 21 for Christmas.) Coordinator Pastor Kathleen Adams If you are a full member of OSL who has completed the Foundational Study you can register for the NEXT STEPS study here:

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