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Raised From the Dead!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Nov 15, 2021

Don’t you love testimonies?! Well listen, children, and you shall hear…. About God’s amazing love. I have a story to tell you.

Last Tuesday, my friend’s daughter K was driving her boyfriend Z to work. There had been talk the night before about him catching an Uber, but she wanted to spend time with him. Love is like this. So, instead of driving to work alone, and instead of catching a ride, someone who loved him was with him when Z had a seizure and his heart stopped.

This 32 year old man’s heart stopped beating, and he stopped breathing for four minutes. His girlfriend performed CPR until paramedics arrived, but they could not revive him. At the hospital, he was put into a coma and put on a respirator. The doctors didn’t give much hope that he would wake up, and if he did, there was no telling what he would face, as an MRI showed that Z had brain damage.

They assumed the reason for the seizure was heart failure due to a childhood diagnosis of Marfans disease. His parents were told that this could happen any time he exerted himself too much, so they didn’t let him participate in sports growing up. He had all the physical characteristics that accompany Marfans, so there was no reason to doubt this diagnosis. In fact, K recalls a time when she put her head on his chest and heard a distinct heart murmur.

But then, Wednesday another doctor looked at the MRI and proclaimed that there was NO brain damage. Meanwhile, Z started to respond to questions with eye movement. Then tests revealed that there was no heart damage.

In fact…. by Thursday, the doctor was saying that he had no idea why Z was diagnosed with Marfans to begin with. His heart is in perfect condition! Even though he does still have the physical characteristics that accompany the Marfans diagnosis, the doctor could see no reason for him to have suffered heart failure or to have been diagnosed with such a disease. Nor could he see a trace of any damage caused by a cardiac episode.

Thursday he was extubated. As I write this, it’s less than a week later, and the only reason he's still in the hospital is so they can try to solve the mystery of the seizure. The medical personnel cannot explain his recovery. In fact, they see no physical reason why he had the seizure and heart failure to begin with.

But those of us who were praying and prophesying know for certain. The word that one of the prayer warriors heard from God was that he would be given a new heart -- physically and spiritually. And we all believed this, even when things were so dire it was hard to believe anything good could happen.

I am honored to have been able to pray for this young man. The Lord has blessed all of us who prayed with a deeper, more vibrant, more exuberant faith. Those of us who were praying fervently for someone we had never met were uplifted by the ONE whom we HAVE met. And we continue to pray that the second part of the prophesy…. A new spiritual heart for Z … will come to pass. And we believe it. The ONE who raised Lazarus from the dead also raised Z from the dead, and he continues to work in all of our lives in amazing ways.

“So the churches were strengthened in the faith

and grew daily in numbers.” Acts 16:5

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