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Rekindle Retreats: Making Disciples

Updated: May 10, 2023

North American Director, Josh Acton, has cast the vision of "Making Disciples" as an OSL priority. The Rekindle Retreat at the Blessing Place in NC April 21-23 was the first of many retreats designed to inspire and uplift attendees and to foster true koinonia among Christ followers, just as in the early church, when discipleship was a contagious force that caused the church to grow.

Rekindle Retreats are open to anyone. You do not have to be an OSL member to attend. Some will be live, some on Zoom, and some hybrid. April's retreat had 70 attendees present and on Zoom.

More retreats are in the planning stages with these firm and tentative dates:

  • June 2-3: Jamica Zoom retreat, open to the international community

  • September 15-17, near Seattle, in-person only

  • November 10-12 (tentative) - host community needed. Looking at Texas or Florida

  • Four retreats in 2024. Healing communities are needed to host the retreats by arranging for the venues—preferably retreat centers, but churches would also be ideal.

For more information about Rekindle Retreats, visit

If you would like to help with or host a retreat, please contact Laura Sinclair at

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