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September Newsletter Intro from Your Director

Dear beloveds,

It’s still September, right? So I get credit for getting the September newsletter out on time! Yay me! Actually I was waiting until I attended the ACTHeals Conference, hoping that I’d have some wisdom to pass along to you. Now my heart and my brain are full to overflowing. What a wonderful group of folks! I’m thankful that they allowed me to come to represent OSL and that I had the joy of sharing some music ministry with them during their Sunday communion service.

Our two organizations have the same mission: to spread God’s kingdom by following Jesus’ commandment to heal the sick, but ACTheals (Advancing Christ-Centered Healthcare) is specifically for healthcare practitioners of all kinds. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are physicians, nurses, counselors, and other practitioners who believe in the power of prayer, and who listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings as they care for the sick? I thank God for them.

If you are a healthcare professional, I highly recommend this organization to you. Pass the word to your Spirit-filled doctor, nurse, technician, and counselor friends. They need and deserve the support and encouragement of fellow believers in their field. You can find more information about them here:

To read more about some of the sessions, check out my other blog posts posted on this date.

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