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The Joy of Community

Imagine hanging out with God in the garden. Long walks, intimate talks, laughter... and probably a picnic every day. That's why he created you.... for relationship. It's part of your DNA.

He continues to tell us throughout scripture that this is why we were made. And when he becomes flesh, he stops telling us and shows us. He forms a community with his disciples... because that's how life works. The life he created for us... it works through community.

If you have been longing for community, then I encourage you to become a member of an active OSL community. And if you can't find one near you, or if it's logistically difficult for you to attend one in person, then an online community is NOT by any means a "second best" solution. In fact, online communities have proven to be intimate, vibrant, and rockin' with Holy Spirit fire!

New groups are forming all the time. You can join with others from all over the globe, and there's even more opportunity to be visited by some of the authors whose books you study! Christian community strengthens us in Christ. Please prayerfully consider joining one by following this link:

OSL Registration - to join an Online Healing Community

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