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What are the Requirements for Full OSL Membership?

People who are interested in becoming an OSL member, or simply in finding out what this “healing ministry thing” is all about can become “discerning members” (which used to be called “Associate member.”) This doesn’t obligate them to become a full member, but gives them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a member of a healing community.

When they pay for their 26 Miracles Study Guide, they automatically become a discerning member and will begin receiving all communiques that go out from the OSL home office, including Sharing Magazine, which is published every other month. It’s important for discerning members to be a part of a community, attend meetings and studies, etc., and if there aren’t any active healing communities around them, they may choose to join an online community.

In addition to completing the 26 Miracles Study, discerning members are required to read three books on healing before being inducted. Many such books can be found on the OSL Website, or the Christian Healing Ministries website, or any number of healing ministry websites (in fact, if you go to our Region V website’s resources page, you’ll find a list of sites to peruse). The discerning member should also attend at least one healing conference or event before becoming a full member. This might be the very event where they are inducted! And don’t forget all of the virtual events happening around the country!

While it’s ultimately the member’s responsibility to fulfill these requirements, their convener or chaplain should be guiding them to make sure they’re ready to become a full member when the time comes.

The Induction Ceremony has been simplified, and can be done at any time… even online! Your regional director would love to either come and induct a group or show up on your Zoom meeting to induct new members! What a blessing!

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