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Heinz J Liedke
Jul 03, 2019
DO YOU BELIEVE IN GUARDIAN ANGELS In January of 2011 I was 67 years old, and professionally secure in my job, which required me to be ready to travel at any moment. The one drawback was that I neglected excise and ate everything that was in sight. Weighing at over 240 for 5’8” frame I tired fast and found myself dragging by evening. My physical strength kept diminishing and being the smart man that I am I decided that when I could no longer walk up the one flight of steps to my office I would retire. Fast forward to May, returning home with my wife I had trouble opening our front gate almost falling during that effort. (That’s how much strength I had lost) Determined that I would see a doctor she told me that she had had enough and would call a doctor. I had no more strength to argue, so 4:30 in the afternoon she called her doctor’s office. The phone was answered not by her doctor, but by Dr. B.B. who had started work in that office the month prior in April. She said she would see me first thing in the morning (the very first appointment). My wife drove me to her office the following morning and Dr. B.B. took one look at me, checked my blood pressure and my blood sugar, turned to my wife and told her to drive me to the ER immediately not taking a chance that the ambulance would be too late. I walked into the ER and the person behind the desk asked if I was person Dr. B.B. had called about. I said I guess so, so they took me in and took my blood sugar IT READ 630 and the question was ‘how come you’re not in a coma, then they looked at my blood pressure 240/120 and asked me why are’nt you having a stroke? After three days in the ER and 4 additional days in the hospital I was released with 20 units of insulin on a sliding scale and 40 mg of blood pressure med. The following Monday I reported back to Dr. B.B. and ask her to get me off the medicine. Without blinking an eye she sat down and wrote out a schedule of diet and exercise for me. The diet is simple but very structured it split the day into six eating periods, Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Supper, Snack the total calorie count was to be no more than 1500 cal. Fresh fruit in moderation did not count against the total cal. Count. I was to write down each item eaten, every day and on Friday turn in my report. By now It occurred to me that I had another close call and it scared me enough that when I was even five minute late on my schedule I started to panic. I followed this routine for one year and every Friday Dr. B.B. would get my report personally. After three months I was off insulin and the blood pressure med had been cut in half and after one year the blood pressure med was no longer needed. ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE MY ONE YEAR WAS UP I TURNED IN MY LAST REPORT AND TOLD DR. B.B. I WOULD SEE HER THE FOLLOWING MONDAY FOR MY CHECK UP. ON MONDAY I SHOWED UP AT THE OFFICE AND A DIFFERENT DR. WAS THERE FOR MY CHECK UP. CONFUSED I ASKED WHERE DR B.B. IS, AND I WAS TOLD THAT WHEN THE NURSE AND OFFICE PERSONEL SHOWED UP DR. B.B. OFFICE WAS CLEANED OUT AND SHE HAD LEFT NO FORWARDING INFORMATION. I BELIEVE IN ANGELS. YOUR CALL
Heinz J Liedke
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