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Healing Testimonies
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Jun 11, 2019
I’ve worn glasses or contacts for forty years so about three years ago I decided it was time for Lasik. After an extensive examination of my baby blues I was deemed a fit candidate for the surgery which I could finance for a few years. The eye surgeon said there were little cataracts forming in both of my eyes which I can have removed for free when I’m on Medicare. Laser surgery twice on my eyes? That’s more ocular excitement than I ever want so I decided I’ll wait. Glasses are fine for me. This past Memorial Day weekend I went for a regular eye exam with an optometrist. They checked my near, distance and peripheral vision and I was told I failed the field vision test and that meant I could have macular degeneration. What was I supposed to do about macular degeneration? He said to take nutrients for dry, and there’s nothing to do for the wet. The wet is the worst one. Come back and see him in a year. I’ve seen what that disease can do. I wasn’t going to wait for a year and hope for the best. The next day, Sunday, I went to church and asked Dean Reed for healing prayer for my eyes. We have healing prayer after mass on Sundays at the altar rail, but he told me to go with him to his office, which I did. He told me to sit on a chair and remove my glasses, which I did. He had a little bottle of water from St. Hilda’s well outside of Whitby, England that has a noted reputation for healing thousands of eyes over the years. One of our parishioners had been healed of an eye disease after she’d received prayer with the water. I closed my eyes and he drizzled my water over my lids, then placed his hand over my eyes and said a short prayer, and that was it. I’ve never had sacred well water on me. It was on my eyes and ran down my cheeks onto my chest. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to disturb it. The next day I called an ophthalmologist for an examination. The soonest I could get in would be two weeks which was okay with me. I have heard Dr. Snook’s name for years and I finally got to meet him. Dr. Snook in Lewisville, Texas. The technician checked my near, far and peripheral vision with and without glasses. She dilated and numbed my eyes and told me to look at a brilliantly bright light in a little box and took pictures of the inside of my eyes. Dr. Snook studied the pictures then looked at my eyes. He held my eyelashes apart and told me to look up, look down, look to the right, and look left. “Why are you here?” he asked. “My optician told me I could have macular degeneration.” “You don’t have it. There’s nothing in your eyes.” He showed me the pictures of my eyes, pointed out the locations macular presents itself and there was nothing there. “What about glaucoma?” I asked. “No,” he said. “Cataracts? I have little cataracts. They were found a couple of years ago when I had a Lasik exam.” “No,” he said. “There’s nothing in your eyes. No macular. No glaucoma. No cataracts. You have nothing.” I have nothing? I have a miracle. Here’s looking at you, kid!
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